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Your AM to PM Guide to Crushing Cravings

Your AM to PM Guide to Crushing Cravings

Cravings are only natural – we all have them and they’re useful when trying to decide what to eat for dinner. But if sweet, salty, fatty or carby cravings are ruling your life, it’s time to take back control! Here are some of the best tactics to crush those cravings and keep your eating on track. SkinnyMint approved!

Start your day with a workout


Whether it’s a hard-core HIIT session or a power walk, a morning workout sets you up perfectly for a healthy day. The feel-good hormones released also boost your mood, meaning you’re less likely to reach for unhealthy comfort foods.

Eat a healthy breakfast


Think of breakfast as a chance to really fuel your body for the day ahead. Start off on the right foot, by choosing nutritious options that will keep you full for longer. Avoid sweet cereals that’ll lead to a mid-morning sugar crash. Instead opt for a mix of protein and complex carbs, like eggs, spinach and tomato on wholegrain toast.

Have some caffeine

Morning Boost

If you find your energy levels are low in the morning, sip on a caffeinated drink. Instead of your usual calorie-laden creamy coffee, try herbal tea for a guilt-free fix. Formulated with green tea and guarana to put a pep in your step, SkinnyMint's Morning Boost blend has a yummy fruity taste to satisfy sweet cravings.


Drink more water

If you’re often hungry throughout the day, ask yourself when was the last time you drank a glass of water. Because at least 50% of the time your ‘hunger’ is actually a sign you’re dehydrated. So, drink up!

Burn a scented candle

It’s believed that burning a sweet-scented candle reduces your cravings for sugary treats and chocolate. It’s a theory Reader’s Digest coined Christmas Dinner Syndrome, where the chef on Christmas Day eats less than guests because of being surrounded by cooking smells all day.

PS: If you can't resist chocolate, try our guilt-free 28 Day Fat Burning Hot Chocolate.


Manage stress 

Chronic stress is not your waistline’s friend. Firstly, too much of the stress hormone cortisol causes the body to retain belly fat. We’re also likely to make much poorer food choices in times of stress and crave a ‘quick fix’, like chocolate. So, while some stress is necessary and even beneficial, keep levels under control with exercise, meditation, yoga and a little self-care. We’re looking at you, bubble bath.

Avoid shopping hungry

Hot tip: if you’re ravenous, avoid the grocery store! Shopping hungry will only have you making unhealthy impulse purchases. And possibly ripping open that bag of chips before you even leave the store.

Get more sleep 


Studies show that when you’re sleep deprived, you’re far more likely to reach for junk food. To ensure a good night’s sleep, turn off your devices at least an hour before bed. Avoid alcohol and sip on a relaxing cup of herbal tea, like SkinnyMint Night Cleanse. As well as flushing out your system, Night Cleanse is formulated with soothing ingredients including lemongrass and orange leaves to promote better sleep.

Have a little of what you want


If you really, really want something, it’s ok to give in to temptation and have a little bit of something indulgent. Just not every time, and not a huge portion. Because a small bowl of creamy vanilla ice cream is going to satisfy your craving more than a dozen ‘diet’ yogurts!